Hunter Young’s Qualifying Run. This kid flies!    

Hunter Young is a 10 year old speedster. 5 years ago at the tender age of 5 Hunter’s dad Mike Young did something that other children wish their parents would do. Mike Young got Hunter involved in quarter midget racing. 

Quarter Midget racing is a member of the automobile racing family. These cars are unique because of their size. The car is approximately a quarter of the size of it’s full sized big brother the midget car. The bigger brother full size midget is raced on an oval track measuring one fifth of a mile. Little brother the quarter midget which is a child’s car is driven on a track that is one quarter of the length the full sized midget uses. In the earlier years 1940’s and 50’s Big brother full sized midget racer could reach 120 miles per hour. The single cylinder 7 cubic inch quarter midget engine could make it up to a speed of 30 miles per hour In the rookie class known as novices. Most of the competitive classes run speeds near 45 miles per hour. Current upper class quarter midgets can exceed 45 miles per hour, but remain safe due to the limited size of the track.

The drivers of the quarter midget race cars are typically restricted to ages 5 to 16. Tracks are typically banked ovals one-twentieth of a mile long, and have a surface of dirt, concrete, or asphalt. Hunter developed his love to race anything with an engine driving one of these quarter midget cars at just 5 years old. Today he races in the Sr. Honda Class.

We encourage parents to introduce their little boys and girls to this sport. They may not grow up to be the next Danica Patrick or Dale Earnhardt Jr., but at least they will be well prepared for their driving test when they turn sixteen.  Visit our contact us page to connect with one of our officials to learn more about getting your kid involved in car racing.